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Navigating Your Federal Retirement

By John and Laura Stohlman

This guide, with Foreword by Fran Tarkenton, is a starting point in the journey to successfully plan an exit strategy and achieve retirement goals for federal employees. Readers will develop an understanding of core federal benefits, how they relate to retirement options and learn how to avoid pitfalls and poor election choices. This is a working handbook guiding federal employees with their benefit choices as well as providing a list of important contacts.


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I Can Beat the Market: And Other Lies from Financial Professionals

By Dan Searles

Many people don’t understand the role that a financial planner performs. In language a layperson can understand, Dan Searles, CFP®, demystifies financial concepts and explains how a financial planner can provide insight, expertise and help in making important life-changing decisions. “I wrote this book at the urging of many of my current clients who thought my clear, concise plain English and folksy style would make a complicated, difficult subject fun and interesting.”


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Financial Calculators

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RMD for Current Year

What’s your Required Minimum Distribution for this year?

Social Security Benefits

What are your benefit estimates for your actual earnings record?

Retirement Savings

Will your retirement savings last, or will you run out of money?

401(k) Savings

Do you know how your 401(k) savings fit into your plan?



Life Insurance

How much coverage do I need to protect my family and assets?

Long Term Care

What does care cost? Do I even need insurance for that?

Disability Insurance

How much insurance would it take to replace my income?

Fixed Annuity

Factoring withdrawals, how long will my annuity last?



College Savings

How much money do I need to save to cover college?

Taxes and Inflation

What is the impact of taxes and inflation on my investments?

Investment Savings

How much should I be investing to reach my goals?

CD Savings

How much should I put away in CDs to reach my goals?

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